freight and salvage open mic, Berkeley

Freight and Salvage open mic, Berkeley
Alex Siegel

Lothlorien House, Berkeley

Duncan's interview

Lothlorien, Berkeley
California landscape regions

Berkeley Spring 2011

Architecture--Energy and the Environment

Berkeley spring 2011


Freight and Salvage, Berkeley

High cauled cap

Starry Plough, Oakland

small yellow lit windows, so cold

Berkeley Marina in December

Bay Trail duck near culvert

Richmond in November

Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Starry Plough, Berkeley

Monday at O'Reilly's

Columbus Ave, San Francisco

basketball blues

Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

November Rain

Half-Priced Books, Berkeley


Solano Ave, El Cerrito

Bay trail ducks near culvert

December 2011, Berkeley

forgotten words

Sunday night at the Starry Plough

EoghainStarry Plough, Oakland


Herman Melville dreams

Called by your pocket


This Land is Your Land--Woody Guthrie

Columbia River

quiet night--Walnut St., Berkeley

backyard friend--Walnut St., Berkeley

Strawberry Creek--Berkeley


I sit by the window. Impulse in form.

Trying to see the root of the storm.

I lean on a wrist, feet tucked aside.

Dreams whisper. Inaudible. Wide.

I sit by the window. A salvaged wick.

I hope and I sing--chase the day with a stick.

The sky and the walls require the sill.

The mint leaves drape their fingers down still. .

And so it is that I hear your overtones.

Sliding out. Already gone.

I sit and I freeze. Drain into pools.

I have slouched in my socks when the bell tolls.

Blues in the stairwell

Study of Place--Wurster Hall, Berkeley

I sit by the window--Joseph Brodsky

"I said that the leaf may destory the bud;
what's fertile falls in fallow soil--a dud;
that on the flat field, the unshadowed plain
nature spills the seeds of trees in vain.
I sit by the window. Hands lock my knees.
My heavy shadow's my squat company."

Study of Place through Russian poetry

outside Joseph Brodsky's window

Study of Place through Russian poetry

An Argentine Pallet

Study of Place--Argentina

"Meditations of your heart"

Study of Place--Jamaica in Berkeley

Drawing From the Eyes


A Year in the Country--Sergei Aksakov

Allowed out--the world of wet feet
cheeks rosy
The village children racing
a softer slope--sister and brother--gleeful

Study of Place through Russian folk stories

Borscht Soup from a Russian from Texas

Maria's recipe passed on
Purple dye in her hair
Full cheeks familiar

Study of Place--Russia

Borscht Soup

Study of Place--Russia

Rivers-Nana's chest of photos

My family who went before me
An era of changing scale
A different kind of land

Study of Place--Nebraska

Pato Sirirí -Canción

"también el río, buscando cielo
siempre se aleja
y aquí en la orilla solo me deja
tu silbo errante...
Pato Sirirí..."

Also the river, looking for the sky
always away--always moves farther
And here I am left on the bank alone
Your errant whistle

Study of Place through Argentinian folk songs